Superintendent's Message

Dear Parents and Students of Marion County Schools,


The beginning of another school year is always full of excitement and anticipation.  We are eager to watch the year unfold as we journey together through each day.  As parents and educators, we are anxious to watch our children learn new things, grow, and mature.  Parents, you are our partners and we hope that you will work with us to help your child achieve their full potential this year.


The material presented in this handbook is an outline of policies, procedures, and requirements of the Marion County Board of Education.  Each of the ten schools within the system may have additions to this information.  Please familiarize yourselves with both the local and system-wide information.  Our entire lists of policies are available on our website,  Any questions or concerns not addressed in this handbook should be directed to your local school administrator or to the Marion County Board of Education.


As stated above, our mission is to prepare every student for a successful life.  To accomplish that goal, we know that our expectation can be nothing less than a high school diploma for every student.  We must all have high expectations for our students, parents, and every employee of our school system.  It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve in this capacity and I look forward to working with you as we all work together to do what is best for our children. 




Ann West, Superintendent

Marion County Schools


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